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DOE Invests $24 Million into Algae Biofuel

DOE Invests $24 Million into Algae Biofuel

The Department of Energy is licking its lips at the prospect of finding a way to turn algae into biofuel in a financially viable way so they have just invested $25 million to spur that research on.

Algue biofuels have represented a bit of a holy grail to the biofuel industry as it can yield 100 times more biofuel per acre than land-based sources like soy or corn. While this sounds nice, the cost of harvesting and using currently makes algae farming for biofuel cost-prohibitive.

Six of the DOE’s $25 million will go to an Arizona State University team who will be looking at the best ways to use algae biofuels. A University of California, San Diego will get $9 million to work on developing algae strains that are best for biofuel. The remaining money will go to Cellana, LLC and their work on developing large-scale production processes.

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  1. Mohammad

    January 15, 2011 at 10:44 pm

    Hi, i need some some information about algae for oil and bio fuel so please let me know how to find true facts about the subject and what are the technics in the process.

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